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Summer soiree Inspiration + Hostess Essentials

Summer is here, and there’s no better time to gather friends and family for a delightful soirée under the sun. At Garden Studio Design, we believe that the perfect summer gathering is all about creating an inspiring and inviting atmosphere. This season, we’re embracing every ray of sunshine our backyards have to offer! A home […]

Outdoor Kitchens from the Garden Studio Archives – A Feast for the Eyes

We may be bias given we are from California where the weather is beautiful year round (aside from the occasional rain storm), but we believe that an outdoor kitchen is an absolute must for every home. One doesn’t need to be a skillful cook or grill master to enjoy all its benefits. When executed properly, […]

Introducing GSD Home

Nestled in the charming Port Streets of Newport Beach, California, a groundbreaking adventure has begun to unfold. Chris and Eric Fenmore, the founders of @gardenstudiodesign, are thrilled to invite you on an extraordinary journey as they embark on the creation of their dream dwelling: Garden Studio Home. Creating a home isn’t just about blueprints and […]

Sourcing Limestone Troughs; An Exclusive Interview With Audrey Elo, Founder of Trouvaille Imports

At Garden Studio Design, our passion revolves around breaking design barriers and crafting landscapes that effortlessly embody the enduring charm of centuries past. The art of curating hardscape materials, designing intricate plant compositions, and, above all, seeking out unique landscape elements such as limestone troughs lies at the core of encapsulating this luxurious essence. You’ve […]

Breaking Bread; Gathering and Giving Thanks With Our Nearest and Dearest

As Thanksgiving approaches, we eagerly anticipate the heartwarming tradition of gathering around the table with our nearest and dearest female-founded brands. It’s a time to reflect on the year behind us, express gratitude, and set our hopes & intentions for the year ahead.  Nestled in the embrace of nature’s beauty at Molly Britt of Poppy […]

Our Favorite Design Elements for Family Friendly Pools

As we bid farewell to summer, let’s take a moment to relive the magic of a beloved poolside hangout. Here at Garden Studio, we firmly hold the belief that a pool is not just a mere gathering spot; rather, it stands as the very cornerstone of cherished memories. Understanding the nuances of family-friendly poolscapes is […]

DIY: FLOWER ARRANGING – 6 Easy Steps to Build a Bouquet Like a Pro

DIY Flower Arranging

Store bought bouquets sure are sweet, but nothing beats a homemade floral arrangement. Whether it serves as a congratulatory gift, housewarming wishes, or simply staged as a home accent to freshen up your space, there is something so personal and heartfelt about a handmade bouquet of fresh florals. Today we will be doing just that; […]

Creating a Fall Tablescape

Although we firmly believe that thoughtful landscape design has the ability to inspire the most memorable gatherings in the home, the holiday season reminds us that our tablescapes are the true centerpiece to our holiday traditions. Every year, we look forward to gathering with our dearest friends of Molly Britt Design, The Art of Being […]